Put your ICT idea or solution to the test!

We make it simple to test your solution on a wide range of infrastructure offered by testbeds across Europe, covering cloud computing, wireless and wired networking, sensor networks, software defined networking and more.

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Open Access: Usage of our facilities is free of charge*

Full Remote Access

Our testbeds can be fully operated remotely. The only technical requirement to start using them is a standard internet connection!

Excellent tooling

We provide a set of tools to enable easy configuration and execution of experimental setups on our testbeds.

Open Access

In the scope of Fed4FIRE+ Open Access, usage of our facilities is free of charge – subject of feasibility confirmation by Fed4FIRE+

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Find the testbed that is right for you

Fed4FIRE+ offers a wide range of testbeds in a wide range of technology domains.

To help you find a testbed that matches your needs, we provide an easy-to-use directory in which you can filter on available technologies, testbed properties, location and more.

Select the domain in which you are interested to continue:

Get In Touch

When you have a clear picture on which experiment you want to run, you should get in contact with us so that we can assist you!

Please mention what the experiment is that you want to run on our facilities: which parameters or features you would like to investigate, which problem you would like to solve, technology or solution choice you would like to made, etc.

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We will help you:
  • Identify necessary technical requirements derived from your initial idea
  • Find the suitable Fed4FIRE+ testbeds to implement your experiment
  • Confirm your open access to our facilities